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Scholarship Eligibility

Students graduating high school who have been accepted to and are enrolling in a music program at a recognized Canadian college or university.

Geographical Qualification

Graduates must be from high schools in the following communities: North Brampton, Caledon, Orangeville, Alliston, Erin and King City.


The value of each scholarship is $500.


In January of 1985, Rob Kinnear appeared at his first rehearsal of the Caledon Concert Band. He had been recruited by a founding member, Arie Kavalaar, to help out in the trombone section and to conduct some pieces. Once the baton was handed over, it was his to keep. In his 31 years with the band, he has honed our talents and lead us to many memorable and award-winning performances.

Rob has made education a primary focus of his music career. Rob began teaching at Harrow District High School where, under his leadership, over 50% of the school population participated in music. In 1984, he moved to Mayfield Secondary School in Brampton where he established their music theatre, jazz band and choir programs. While at Morningstar Secondary School in the late 80's, he set up a keyboard lab, the first classroom in Peel District to combine computers and synthesizers to teach music composition. As Head of Music at Brampton Centennial Secondary School he spent 6 weeks in July and August one year with volunteer parents and students building a special vocal jazz studio in the school. He coordinated multiple fundraising initiatives to equip the room with professional quality sound equipment and took his singers and their band on the road to community events throughout the GTA.

Over the years, there have been countless examples of his dedication to reaching out to individuals through music education and encouraging them to reach beyond whatever notions they held of their own limitations. There was the young percussionist who played with a mallet in her mouth due to a congenital condition that had prevented her limbs from developing to the usual size. Rob designed a device and worked with Erin Oak Foundation to provide her with a mechanism that enabled her to use her arms to master faster and more complicated rhythms. There was also a brilliant math student with autism who increased his vocal range and ability to socially interact in Rob's vocal class. Many students have found an anchor in Rob's classes that has kept them in school and motivated to seek higher education.

As a conductor, Rob inspires his performers to explore their true potential, not only in rehearsals, but in serving their community. In Kingsville, Ontario, Rob lead the Kinnear Clan Singers, a 50 voice SATB chorus that presented annual Spring Variety Shows. Rob has directed choral camps for children, teens and adults for over 25 years with the United Church of Canada at Gesstwood, Lambton Centre and Camp Ganadaoweh. On tour with the Baturin Ukranian Orchestra, Rob brought not only music but also humanitarian medical relief to regions affected by the Chernobyl Disaster. Since his early youth Rob contributed to many community concert bands, as an instrumentalist or a conductor and, in later years, as a Board Member of the Canadian Band Association. He has served as conductor of the Caledon Concert Band for the vast majority of its 40+ year history. He truly has devoted his gifts for music and education to service in his community and we are proud to offer a scholarship in his name.

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