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Scholarship Eligibility

Students graduating high school who have been accepted to and are enrolling in a music program at a recognized Canadian college or university.

Geographical Qualification

Graduates must be from high schools in the following communities: North Brampton, Caledon, Orangeville, Alliston, Erin and King City.


The value of each scholarship is $500.


The Laurie Berman Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of a much loved and admired member of the Caledon Concert Band. Laurie was an accomplished musician, a successful businessman, an effective educator and great humanitarian. Laurie played with the Caledon Concert Band from 1986 - 1994 as section leader on clarinet. His battle with cancer ended November 2000.

Laurie earned a Bachelor of Music from the University of Michigan and taught music at several Toronto area high schools including Danforth Technical, Don Mills Junior High School and Winfield Jr. High. John Harknett of Harknett Musical Services in Markham, Ontario is a former student of Laurie's and recalls that he "inspired me to stay in school and finish my education."

Laurie also left his mark on the community in many diverse business ventures which include two woodworking businesses in Bolton (Namaar Enterprises and Guildmark Framing), construction and land development (Piper Hill Estates Ltd.) and in cutting edge technology (TeleLink Call Management). Laurie was ever mindful of the ways in which his resources might present opportunities to help those around him and around the global village. While on the internet one day he learned of the plight of a young girl and immediately responded by organizing and raising the funds necessary to enable her to receive a lifesaving lung transplant.

Laurie was a great patron of the arts, supporting the work of local artists in various ways and contributing as a musician himself in several Mississauga theatre productions. He was an avid reader and enjoyed gardening and chopping wood on the family farm. He had a great love of animals and was a vegan vegetarian. At Caledon Concert Band, he is remembered especially for encouraging others in his section and working with them to perfect their part in "Mermaids of the Moldau". His lighthearted presence, dedication to excellence and devotion to his family and faith is fondly remembered and greatly missed.

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